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Adventure Fiction with a touch of Cryptozoology, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Elements

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Ropen Island

You can't deny the creatures in front of you!

Daughter of the Mountain

Could the native stories of giants be real?

In a race to document territories in 1899, did explorers find an ancient city, thousands of years old? Could it be the Lost City of Quatria that Sir Francis Drake searched for?

As they hunt for answers, was something now hunting them?

Coming 2024

Legend of Cinnamon Valley

A children's heartwarming story of courage, friendship, and perseverance as a fairies fight against tribal boundaries to save her village and friends from an invasion of trolls. For children 4+

ISBN 978-1-961195-00-4

Comming Fall 2023 - Audio book

Out in the deep jungle of Papua New Guinea, a team of scientists are searching for bat samples, hoping to find a cure for Diabetes, when they see something that can't be true ... pterodactyl-like creatures in the night sky that are now hunting them!

This is the first book in the Lane Cryptozoology Adventure series.

Coming Spring 2024

River of Grass

Book 2 - Lane Cryptozoology Adventure Series

The Lane brothers are back, this time chasing the elusive Skunk Ape in the Everglades. They've got funding, a tracker, all the equipment they need, but now reports of children disappearing have come to the surface.

After a devastating hurricane hits the area, now stories of creatures and missing children are being reported. Could the creatures be taking the children?

2025 Release

Selected Works - Fiction

Lost City of Quatria

In 1900, it's a race to Antarctica.

Near a reservation in Nevada, a woman leads a team of turquoise hunters into a hidden cavern with mummified giants, but awaken entities determined to keep their existence a secret.

Coming Soon

The Stories....

Where do they come from? After twenty years of constantly feeding the creative beast of writing, I can honestly say, the stories are there, somewhere in the gray matter, competiting to come to life.

Script Projects

A SACRED PLACE- Horror/Short - "A horror producer and her crew hope to capture ghost footage, but stumble into an ancient Indian burial ground with hundreds of armed ghosts coming for them."

DON'T BOTHER KNOCKING - Horror/Short - "Two hunters have a deadly encounter with a rouge boar who kills at the behest of a rural woman."

DAUGHTER OF THE MOUNTAIN - Feature/Sci-Fi "Near a reservation in Nevada, a Native-American woman leads a small team of turquoise hunters to a hidden cavern with mummified giants, but awaken ancient entites determined to keep their existence secret."

CURSE OF RUE ROYALE - Feature/Horror "Are curses real? They are, when cast by Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. When a newlywed couple return to his ancestoral home, Jillianne must find a way to end a family's curse before it affects her unborn child."

VALLEY OF THE MIST - Feature/Horror "When three witch sisters inherit a property, they are shocked when their powers come to a zenith, awakening the attention of a dark warlock and shape shifter. While looking for love, one gets herself tangled with a love spell that goes horribly wrong, testing the bonds of sisterhood.

A CRYSTAL BALL - Feature/Rom-Com "While working to create a fairy-tale charity event, a divorced Grandmother tries and fails to find love online, only to find true love closer to home."

THE MAGI - Feature/Action-Adventure "What if the Three Wise Men had never died, but have been on earth all this time protecting humanity?" SuperHero.

BRIDGEPORT - TV Episodic Sci-Fi/Adventrue "A rip in time forces a Federal Agent, a cryptozoologist and a swamp hunter to contain creatures that are spilling into our world."

STEALING HISTORY - Feature/Action-Adventure "Set in London and inspired by Indiana Jones - A UNESCO Agent infilrates a theft ring with world-wide connections as he tries to return artifacts to their country of origin."

CRUSHED - Contained Faith Family Feature "A happy bi-racial family shatters when the husband and oldest son die in the same week. A judgmental aunt arrives to help at the ranch, and ends up falling for the one she once judged."

THE CAMERA - Feature/Thriller "A woman finds clues to a murder with the help of an old Polaroid camera that revels ghostly images."

IT ALL STARTED HERE.... A True Story About My Cousin's Life in Germany During WWII

Selected Works - Non-Fiction

The true story of a young German teen swept up in the war machine of the Wehrmacht during WWII, and finding a lost love after the war.

About Me

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of “How the Heck Did I End Up Writing This Stuff?” there lived a humble soul, once a mere reader, who somehow stumbled into the chaotic realm of becoming a writer. After years of desperately searching for a scribe to pen an epic family tale, I reluctantly sat down at a keyboard, ready to dive into the abyss of novel writing.

The catalyst for this plunge into literary madness? A family story so compelling, so knee-buckling intense, that if left unrecorded, it would vanish into the black hole of forgotten tales. Told from the perspective of a fourteen-year-old thrust into the bizarre world of the Hitler Youth and mandatory home health services, Gerti’s War, a chronicle of my cousin’s escapades in wartime Germany and later in Berlin, working for the Wehrmacht, as Berlin fell around her.

Picture this: the sweetest woman I have ever met, turned out to be a Nazi? It was like finding out your grandma had a gig as a secret agent. It made zero sense, even when she insisted she had done nothing extraordinary, but her tale of resistence and the plight of everyday Germans was eye-opening. The revelation hit like a ton of bricks during a visit, leaving my head spinning. After devouring 130 books on the subject (seriously, how do you find the perspective from the other side?), I finally put pen to paper. Years later, I toasted Cousin Gerti when she rekindled a lost wartime love.

But the saga didn’t end there. Oh no, dear reader. This brave scribe ventured into the treacherous territory of re-writes and then did a full swan dive into screenwriting. Because creating interesting characters and worlds had taken ahold like some massive cracken sitting on my back. Now, I am captivated by tales of reluctant heroes thrust into life-altering circumstances–maybe with a monster or two thrown in for good measure. I blame it on that mind-bending encounter with Patterson-Gimlin in my awkward early teens, discussing Bigfoot like it was neighborhood gossip. Sprinkle in a few confirmations of Bigfoot sightings, hearing the creatures' harrowing screams and even finding some footprints, and I guess that propelled me to sitting in that authors’ chair.

Fast forward to today, and the birth of my Sci-Fi Action-Adventure novel, infused with legendary monsters. ROPEN ISLAND is the inaugural chapter in a series featuring the Lane Brothers, Ph.D. biologists who clash over reviews, career goals, and brotherly love, but they can’t deny the science when prehistoric Pterodactyl look-alike's swoop down on them in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. This saga is filled with sibling rivalry, ancient creatures and probably a few botched scientific experiments that nobody wants to talk about at family gatherings.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. The next masterpiece is an icy escape to Antarctica at the dawn of the nineteenth century. Imagine explorers stranded in the driest place on Earth, where survival is measured minute-by-minute. Add to the mix some alien-like artifacts deep in the ice–because why not spice up survival with extraterrestrial mysteries? It’s a herculean task, a frosty odyssey that’s sure to chill your spine while tickling your sense of wonder.

So, dear reader, pack your bags, grab a thermos of hot cocoa, and buckle up for a journey into the uncharted territories of my unleashed imagination. Get ready to explore the wild landscapes of cryptozoology, where monsters roam and the line between reality and fiction blurs like a Yeti caught in a snowstorm. Adventure awaits–will you dare to join the ride?

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