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The Stories....

Where do they come from? After twenty years of constantly feeding the creative beast of writing, I can honestly say, the stories are there, somewhere in the gray matter, competiting to come to life.

Selected Works - Non-fiction


The true story of a young German teen swept up in the war machine of the Wehrmacht during WWII, and finding a lost love after the war.

Ropen Island

You can't deny the creatures in front of you!

Daughter of the Mountain

Could the native stories of giants be real?

Near a reservation in Nevada, a woman leads a team of turquoise hunters into a hidden cavern with mummified giants, but awaken entities determined to keep their existence a secret.

Coming 2024

Legend of Cinnamon Valley

A children's heartwarming story of courage, friendship, and perseverance as a fairies fight against tribal boundaries to save her village and friends from an invasion of trolls. For children 4+

ISBN 978-1-961195-00-4

Comming Summer 2023 - Audio book

Out in the deep jungle of Papua New Guinea, a team of scientists are searching for bat samples, hoping to find a cure for Diabetes, when they see something that can't be true ... pterodactyl-like creatures in the night sky that are now hunting them!

This is the first book in the Lane Cryptozoology Adventure series.

Coming Fall 2023.

River of Grass

Book 2 - Lane Cryptozoology Adventure Series

The Lane brothers are back, this time chasing the elusive Skunk Ape in the Everglades. They've got funding, a tracker, all the equipment they need, but now reports of children disappearing have come to the surface.

After a devastating hurricane hits the area, now stories of creatures and missing children are being reported. Could the creatures be taking the children?

2025 Release

Selected Works - Fiction

Script Projects

A SACRED PLACE- Horror/Short - "A horror producer and her crew hope to capture ghost footage, but stumble into an ancient Indian burial ground with hundreds of armed ghosts coming for them."

DON'T BOTHER KNOCKING - Horror/Short - "Two hunters have a deadly encounter with a rouge boar who kills at the behest of a rural woman."

DAUGHTER OF THE MOUNTAIN - Feature/Sci-Fi "Near a reservation in Nevada, a Native-American woman leads a small team of turquoise hunters to a hidden cavern with mummified giants, but awaken ancient entites determined to keep their existence secret."

CURSE OF RUE ROYALE - Feature/Horror "Are curses real? They are, when cast by Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. When a newlywed couple return to his ancestoral home, Jillianne must find a way to end a family's curse before it affects her unborn child."

VALLEY OF THE MIST - Feature/Horror "When three witch sisters inherit a property, they are shocked when their powers come to a zenith, awakening the attention of a dark warlock and shape shifter. While looking for love, one gets herself tangled with a love spell that goes horribly wrong, testing the bonds of sisterhood.

A CRYSTAL BALL - Feature/Rom-Com "While working to create a fairy-tale charity event, a divorced Grandmother tries and fails to find love online, only to find true love closer to home."

THE MAGI - Feature/Action-Adventure "What if the Three Wise Men had never died, but have been on earth all this time protecting humanity?" SuperHero.

BRIDGEPORT - TV Episodic Sci-Fi/Adventrue "A rip in time forces a Federal Agent, a cryptozoologist and a swamp hunter to contain creatures that are spilling into our world."

STEALING HISTORY - Feature/Action-Adventure "Set in London and inspired by Indiana Jones - A UNESCO Agent infilrates a theft ring with world-wide connections as he tries to return artifacts to their country of origin."

CRUSHED - Contained Faith Family Feature "A happy bi-racial family shatters when the husband and oldest son die in the same week. A judgmental aunt arrives to help at the ranch, and ends up falling for the one she once judged."

THE CAMERA - Feature/Thriller "A woman finds clues to a murder with the help of an old Polaroid camera that revels ghostly images."

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I am a storyteller, weaving tales to captivate and inspire. With a passion for words and a love of creativity, I strive to bring my unique perspective to every project I undertake.

I honor the voyage of the relunctant hero in all of us.

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